4 Motivating Tips For Sticking With a Food Journal

Lauren Krouse
byLauren Krouse
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4 Motivating Tips For Sticking With a Food Journal

Recent research published in the journal Obesityshows保留常规食物日报may help boost your weight-loss success, and每天只需15分钟。However, the most impactful variable in the study wasn’t how long people spent recording what they ate or even how detailed they were. Rather, it was how often they logged. Those who used their food journal the most frequently (Think: three or more times a day) also减少磅

“When we pay attention to what goes in, we are more aware of the decisions we make and ourtypical eating habits。跟踪我们吃的东西是一种培养这种意识的方式,也鼓励对自己的责任感。”Marni Amsellem, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in Connecticut and New York. “Compliance, or regular tracking, is key.”

当然,知道一致的食物日记对您和actually making it a habit。继续阅读以了解如何增加动力stick with a food journal for long-term weight-loss success:



Step one: Set yourself up for success with a food journal that’s easy to use and accessible 24/7. “You can be motivated to stick with a food journal by keeping it somewhere you can always find it, like on your phone with anapp like MyFitnessPal,” saysStaci Gulbin, RD. It’s simple: “Ifsomething is convenient为了您做,您更有可能跟随它。”她说。如果您时间不足,请尝试为食物拍照并登记,建议艾米丽·蒂尔斯(Emily Tills), RD.



“Set alarm reminders on your phone before your typical meal times,” recommends Tills. Rather than waiting until the end of the day (and struggling to remember everything), try to enter food in your journal before you eat it, adds Dr. Craig Primack, president of the Obesity Medicine Association. This small step can help youmake more mindful eating decisions。“例如,如果是下午3点而且我知道我白天还有600卡路里可以吃,但我的零食是400卡路里,我可能会切掉部分大小or look for something with less calories,” says Primack.



研究显示定期写下目标和monitoring your progresscan help motivate you to change for the better. Schedule some time each week to记录特定目标that will help you adopt new healthy eating habits, says Gulbin. For example, you might aim toeat more veggies通过在一周中的每天在晚餐中添加1杯,或者lower your soda intakealternatives like sparkling waterthree days per week. “Changing your behaviorone small step at a timewill help you transform your habits for the long-term, which will, in turn, ultimately help you reach your weight-loss goals,” she says. At the end of the week, look back at your log to see how you’re doing. This can help motivate you to保持健康的习惯



If you’veslacked off tracking food for a while或者您对最近吃的东西不太满意,您可以提高动力通过同情自己, says Amsellem. Lifecan be busy and stressful, and forgetting to track a meal or snack (or even a few days worth) is to be expected. Rather than giving up when your record is less-than-perfect, be understanding about your challenges. You can始终在下一个小吃或用餐时返回您的食物日报and having aconsistency-beats-perfection mindsetwill help you succeed long-term.

One of the best ways to lose weight or meet nutritional goals is to keep a food journal. On the MyFitnessPal app, you can quickly log foods, view a nutritional breakdown and see how you’re tracking for the day.转到应用程序中的“日记”or tap the “+” on your homescreen.


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