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Thanksgiving Leftover Salad

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Thanksgiving Leftover Salad

This year be thankful for leftovers because you can try out theRoasted Root’s Thanksgiving leftover salad. Cranberry sauce makes an amazing vinaigrette especially when served over crunchy kale, tender quinoa and roasted turkey. You can also sub-out the ingredients in the salad for any other leftovers you have lying around!

Julia Mueller Thumnnail_my fitness palJulia Mueller writes the food blog,The Roasted Root, and is the author of Delicious Probiotic Drinks and Let Them Eat Kale!. Having grown up in Lake Tahoe, Julia loves to snowboard, mountain bike, and hike. She enjoys developing recipes that are nutrient-dense, easy to prepare, and approachable to make any night of the week. You can connect with her onTwitter,Facebook,InstagramandPinterest.

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MyFitnessPal's Featured Recipes

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