All About Alternatives: Nut Butter

凯利·霍根(Kelly Hogan)
经过凯利·霍根(Kelly Hogan)
All About Alternatives: Nut Butter

There was once a time when the term “nut butter” was not in the lexicon, because there was pretty much just peanut butter. What a world that was! Now, with the increasing prevalence of peanut and tree nut allergies, combined with the now waning popularity of the Paleo diet, in which legumes like peanuts were forbidden, there are countless alternatives to peanut butter. Choosing the “right” nut butter can be overwhelming. Also, is there a “right” one? Nutrition can differ a bit amongst this group, so let’s delve into the details.


When speaking to clients about nut butter (of which I am, of course, a big fan!), they often express fear because nut butters are higher in fat and calories. This is diet culture talking! The fat found in nut and seed butters is largely monounsaturated fat, which can help promote heart health, is anti-inflammatory, regulates blood sugar, promotes absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and helps you feel full after meals. Feeling satiated after meals aids appetite regulation and decreases the likelihood of hunger pangs and snack cravings soon after eating an unsatisfying meal without enough fat.

当然,与碳水化合物和蛋白质相比,脂肪中更高的卡路里也会更高(1克脂肪具有9卡路里的热量,每克每克有4卡路里)。但是,我是一个强有力的拥护者notcounting calories in the first place, and thinking more about satisfaction after meals and the nutrient density of foods. So, take the calorie counts here with a grain of salt.

All About Alternatives: Nut Butter



All About Alternatives: Nut Butter





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凯利·霍根(Kelly Hogan)
凯利·霍根(Kelly Hogan)

凯利霍根,女士,是一个位于纽约市注册死去titian specializing in women’s health, sports nutrition and plant-based eating. She is passionate about helping people develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies, and uses a non-diet approach in her practice. When she’s not talking or writing all things nutrition, Kelly can be found running in Central Park – she’s run 11 marathons and counting! – cooking recipes new and old, handstanding at the yoga studio or hanging with friends and/or her rescue dog, Peanut.


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