Coming Soon to Your App’s Home Screen!

Coming Soon to Your App’s Home Screen!

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Dashboard will make tracking and reaching your goals easier than ever

Every MyFitnessPal member should have the tools to help them be their best selves. When we realized our app’s home screen wasn’t doing enough to support members’ health and wellness journeys, we decided it was time for our own glow-up.

Coming soon to your app’s home screen!

Lookin’ good. This new-and-improved view will soon greet you at app launch.

We’ve designed Dashboard with you in mind. It’s a faster and friendlier way to log and see your progress. It’s organized and simple to use. And, if we do say so ourselves, it has a lot more swagger. (We think you’ll agree.) Keep an eye out for the new Dashboard, which will be gradually rolled out to all members over the next month.

Access everything you need—right from your home screen

First, don’t worry. Your existing data isn’t going anywhere. And if you still want to access your Newsfeed — your previous home screen — you can do that, too (just tap the “Newsfeed” icon at the bottom of your screen).

Now it will just be easier to access and manage right when you launch the app.Here’s everything you’ll be able to do from your home-screen Dashboard.

Easier logging. Search or scan food with one tap.

See today’s calorie progress in real-time.

Extra insights for Premium members!Swipe on the Calories card to see your macro breakdown and other real-time nutritional data. You can even customize your own card.Try it for free!

View your step count and log exercise.

Track your weight.

Quickly access all of your data.

We feel confident this change will make your MyFitnessPal experience even better, and make reaching your health goals easier and more satisfying.

Stay tuned, your new Dashboard is arriving soon!

We’re gradually rolling out the new Dashboard to all members over the next month, so keep an eye out! After you try it, let us know what else you want to see on your Dashboard.

Your feedback is important to us and helps shape the future of the app, so we’re always eager tohear from our members.

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