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Calling MyFitnessPal members aged 18 to 40! Want to inspire others to reach their goals? Whether you’ve lost a couple of pounds, gained more energy, or are feeling better in your clothes, we want to hear your story!

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  • Keep your story short—30 to 45 seconds is best.
  • Share the specifics. Personal details like “I wanted to reduce sugar” vs. ”I wanted to improve my health”) make the story true to you.
  • Speak in full sentences when answering the video questions. For example, when sharing how you learned about us, say “My best friend told me she used MyFitnessPal to lose the baby weight.” instead of just “Best friend”.
  • Use natural light wherever possible. If you’re indoors, try shooting your videos near a window where soft, even light filters through. You want to avoid any harsh shadows.
  • Keep the audio clear and the background uncluttered. Avoid any areas where background noise like cars passing or dogs barking could interfere with your narration.
  • Film two versions. Please film one take with the camera in a vertical position and one that’s horizontal. Also make sure you’re positioned close enough in the frame, showing your head and shoulders while talking.
  • Consider camera-friendly clothing, jewelry, and makeup. Solid, jewel-toned colors look best on camera. Patterns can be unflattering. Avoid any jewelry that could make noise, like bangles that jingle while you speak. Wear natural-looking makeup that you feel good in—heavy makeup is not a must.
  • Keep things legal. Please do not wear any clothing with brand logos. Also, avoid playing copyrighted music of any kind.

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